How would you like to know about four of the best restaurants in Englewood? With those picks in hand, you’re sure to make some great stops while you’re in town. If you are moving to Englewood, then you have plenty of time to get acquainted with these wonderful restaurants that I’m about to point out to you.

Bobarino’s Pizzeria is located at 20 Magnolia Avenue, and the pizza pies there look rather unique. That’s actually an understatement, and you can also order up other great Italian food there. Would you like an Italian sub? What about baked ziti? The antipasti also makes the menu highlights. You’re talking about fantastic, authentic Italian food, so you might want to visit Bobarino’s Pizzeria.

Country Hound is another unique restaurant that awaits you in Englewood. You will find Country Hound at 1951 South McCall Road, and it is known for its country fried steak. It is also known for its meatloaf, home fries and as a great place to order up breakfast. It sounds like Country Hound offers up down home country cooking at its best. Enjoy this nice little cafe as you make your way over to the Winn Dixie area of Englewood CO.

Another simple and delightful place to enjoy a meal is Good Times Diner. This diner can be found at 1500 Placida Road, and it is also known for its home fries, just like Country Hound. People say that the prices are reasonable, and you can expect to find dinner specials there. Pancakes, fish, chicken, mixed vegetables, soup and even liver make the menu favorites. Talk about a diverse menu, and that’s what you get at Good Times Diner.

Spinnaker Cafe is a wonderful choice for dining out, too. The address for this lovely cafe is 3542 North Access Road, and you’re talking about pancakes, baked goods, meatloaf, eclairs and so much more. Notice the mention of baked goods, which means you can find all kinds of great treats there. Cookies are definitely on the list, and people say as well that Spinnaker Cafe has a very friendly wait staff.

Englewood CO is such a great place to visit, isn’t it? Maybe you’re not there just yet, but you will be. You’re going to enjoy taking a good close look at the places I have mentioned. Once you enjoy a meal at one of them, you’re going to see why they are so highly favored in the reviews.

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